About Us

Company mission


We aim to engage in a lot of activities that eliminates crime and continue to contribute positively towards making the country a free crime country – We also want to provide security skills training in various parts of of the KwaZulu natal province – To increase awareness campaigns in the communities for individuals to work hand in hand with security authorities in order for the community to become safer.


Our Vision


– To be one of the stand out companies in terms of service delivery within security field

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Umjita Security

Umjita Security

Umjita Security

Umjita Security

Our security Experience

Our many years of exposure to a broad range of security risks and solutions across the wide spectrum of successfully serviced customers has created a deep knowledge base which is used to create customer specific and innovative, tailor made, risk management solutions.

Service Quality

Umjita Security strives for excellence and always works on improving service delivery for our clients. We have quite a number of strategies put in place to make our clients happy. This include making sure our staffs are adequately trained on how to deal with customers. As well as employing the services of professional Public Relations Specialists to ensure that we manage our interactions with the public. We also make sure that we hire people who know how to treat clients, as well as make them happy.