Security Services we Offer

  • Site Security Evaluations and Risk Analysis


  • Armed and Unarmed Guards


Gated Estate Security Solutions 


  • VIP and Close Protection Services
  • Armed Escorting


  • CCTV Surveillance and Online Monitoring


  • Body Guards and VIP Protection


  • Electric Fencing


Great demand for our services

The need for security is increasing in all sectors of the country. Whether it is private homes, industrial complexes, office buildings, hotels, stadiums, warehouses, utility or transport facilities or government buildings, there is a growing need to protect people and property from theft, break-ins, accidents, vandalism, sabotage, hijack and terrorism, and to control the flow of people. With its innovative access control and comprehensive key systems, Eller Security is doing a great deal to meet this demand. We offer our customers’ needs-focused security solutions that gives them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience.